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Industrial Solutions

Every industry, whether it is automotive, industrial, high tech or other, has their own specific logistics requirements and needs. These are unique, and often they differ from one industry to the other. An extensive network of ground logistics specialist are standing by; ready to help you with your supply chain and transport requirements. Whether you are a large multinational company, or a smaller business, you can be sure that our local experts are on hand to help; ensuring that all shipments reaches their destination, on time and at cost, and that your supply chain is optimized to its fullest.

Fashion Logistics


Our service goes far beyond the simple transportation of textiles. We satisfy our customers with personalized concepts and comprehensive, value added services – from processing and finishing to customs clearance.

Globally supported complete textile logistics from procurement and production to sale, because global, networked production systems, rapidly changing fashion collections and seasonal peaks above all require flexible logistics solutions.

We deliver ready-to-sell goods to the point of sale on fixed delivery days, in fixed time frames – in accordance with your arrangements with us. In this way you can optimally control your internal processes. Sophisticated returned goods solutions and prompt inter-store deliveries round off our point-of-sale logistics services.

Some of the value added services that we offer are, order sorting, pick & pack, PO tracking & management, buyers’ consolidation and IT solutions to suit individual customer requirements.

Pharmaceutical Logistics


We offer integrated logistics services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We work with many leading companies, and with other clients in related industries like medical equipment, personal care accessories etc…

Our visibility and monitoring service supports an additional array of services at every stage of the supply chain, specifically tailored to the needs of companies working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Perishable Logistics


Whether flowers or food – from origin to destination, we stand by your side – everything you need from single source. We are your one-stop provider of reliable logistics services for perishable products. In perishable logistics, time is of the essence to ensure produce, flowers, fish, and other products reach their destinations while they still offer maximum appeal and shelf life. Our employees are specially trained in handling your fresh products and providing highly professional service towards arranging a smooth delivery of your valuable cargo.

Our expertise on cargo temperature requirements and range of services – including access to specialized equipment – provides you with the assurance that your temperature-controlled product reaches its final destination in the expected condition.

Project Cargo Logistics


Moving cargo which cannot be containerized because of its size, or requires some other special handling. A wide range of special equipment’s are available to facilitate safe and economical  transportation including flat racks, open tops together with dry general and reefer boxes in a variety of sizes.

With systematic organization and innovative solutions we offer optimum project logistics including multiple cargo handling, technical and engineered solutions including totally customized transfers of plant and machinery. Coordinate all the minutest details of demanding major projects reliably and on schedule. They perform the complete organization, from optimal route planning and the coordination of the means of transport to special packing for transportation, customs clearance and insurance.